Tips for healthy eating

Eat a variety of food
- Eating a variety of food will help you to get the energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber you need for good health.

Choose a diet low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol
- Diets that are low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol may reduce your risk of heart attack and certain types of cancer. Fat contains more than twice the calories of an equal amount of carbohydrates or protein, so a diet low in fat can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Choose a diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grains
- These foods provide the essential vitamins, minerals, fibe and complex carbohydrates. Since these are naturally low in fat, they can help lower your intake of fat.

Use sugars only in moderation
- A diet that is low in sodium can help reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation
- Alcoholic beverages add calories, but provide little nutrition.

Anaheim, wine, hiking trails, bears, etc.

I was 97% sure I read somewhere that the Anaheim Founders Park -- which features the Victorian Wolke-Stoffle House, the Mother Colony House, and a huge fig tree -- celebrated its groundbreaking recently. But now I can't find that article for the life of me. Very annoying. However, I do have two verifiable bits of news from that park:
1) A trail through the park is now marked as the "O.K. Trail" in honor of of the delightful Opal Kissinger. Opal ran the History Room at Anaheim Public Library for many years, and has continued to be an active part of the historical community since her retirement. She's had a hand in a lot of good things in recent years, but her portrayals of historical figures like Helena Modjeska have been especially well-received.

2) The vines behind the Wolke-Stoffle (a.k.a. Red Cross) House are growing the same kind of grapes cultivated by the German vintners who founded Anaheim. Don Dobmeier of the Orange County Historical Society and Orange County Historical Commission has been tending them carefully. (He's in the photo at the top of today's post.) Now, with the help of the fledgling Anaheim Brewery, for the first time in a LONG time, there will be genuine Anaheim wine. Read more about it on the Anaheim Brewery's blog.

.Karin Klein of the L.A. Times has a new book out, entitled, 50 Hikes In Orange County. I haven't read it yet, (it only came out this week), but I know she researched the history of our local back country. As someone who enjoys going out and exploring historic sites on foot, I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to say.
Karin also has an article about the late bear population in Orange County in today's Times.

Vogue Mexico September 2010

Coco Rocha
"├Źconos de una Era" by Tesh


here are some pieces you can find in nama in ljubljana :)


hm fall 2010 ads

Metal Matters

I was going to post this week about  the price of gold reaching $1300...again
but on the topic of metal this great post from Privilege is much more interesting 
A Master Craftsman's Secrets to Buying, Maintaining and Fixing Your Silver

Metal Matters

I was going to post this week about  the price of gold reaching $1300...again
but on the topic of metal this great post from Privilege is much more interesting 
A Master Craftsman's Secrets to Buying, Maintaining and Fixing Your Silver

And the winner of the Custom Crops Gift Voucher is.....

Ian is hanging out with me as I prepare this blog post so instead of using the random drawing tool I asked Ian to select a number between 1 and 73, the number of comments on the blog candy as of 12:15 am Thursday morning. 

The winner of this month's blog candy is lucky number 17:

Jessica Wekenman said...
I can't believe you built that sewing machine! That is absolutely fantastic! I love your card and all the colors and papers are so pretty!
Congratulations Jessica, you will be hearing from Custom Crops!   And THANK YOU to Custom Crops for sponsoring my blogs.

Combating Female Hair Loss

For many women, concealing their hair loss might seem like a full-time job-- from wearing wigs and altering their hairstyles to trying unproven “remedies” and applying temporary hair cosmetics. Recently, we sat down with Dr. Neil Sadick, renowned dermatologist and researcher to discuss Traction Alopecia and a more permanent solution to reverse hair loss– hair restoration surgery.

Member surveys conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) found that the number of female hair restoration surgical patients worldwide increased from 11.4 percent in 2004 to 15.1 percent in 2008. Why are more women undergoing hair restoration surgery? As a Manhattan hair restoration physician and a member of the ISHRS, Dr. Sadick believes the continued growth in women seeking hair restoration surgery over the years can be directly attributed to the fact that women are tired of temporary fixes and appreciate the gradual, permanent results hair transplants offer that are both natural-looking and virtually undetectable.

Since there are many causes of hair loss – from medical conditions, physical stressors and even certain hairstyles – it is essential that women seek proper diagnosis by a qualified hair restoration specialist. Dr. Sadick offers patients the latest advancements in hair restoration surgery and proven medical treatments that can help women permanently restore their thinning hair.

AHS: Traction Alopecia is one of the most prevalent hair loss problems facing African American women what is it and what can we do to stop it?

Dr. Sadick: Traction alopecia occurs from too much tension applied on a regular basis to the hair shaft. Perms, hot irons (curling or straight irons), tight hair braids and mechanical brushing are common causes. The problem can be stopped by decreasing these mechanical stressors.

AHS: Can Hair Restoration Surgery be used in cases of Traction Alopecia?

DS: No.

AHS: How long is the downtime (if any) from a procedure like Hair Restoration Surgery?

DS: There is minimal swelling for 3 days and some mild discomfort the first night. Sutures are left in place in the donor area for 10 days.

AHS: Will my friends, neighbors, or co-workers be able to tell that I've had "something" done?

DS: No, the results with follicular unit hair transplantation are totally non-detectable.

AHS: Even though Hair Restoration Surgery is not an option for traction alopecia, how much would it run to correct that problem with other treatments?

DS: Traction Alopecia diagnosis is covered by most insurance plans. Work up and treatment costs vary from $500 to $1500 depending on treatment course.

Projects, Where Oh Where are the Projects

I have missed my blog... It has been a tough week.  For some crazy reason I went into super-mom/Susie-homemaker mode last week.  My youngest son is home from college on fall break (he is on a crazy school schedule).  Ian asked me to make one or two of his favorite meals last week.  Of course this guy's favorite meals are not burgers and pizza.... oh no.... He wanted Greek Chicken Pie (i.e. chicken, feta, spring onions, spices, in a fabulous sauce wrapped in flaky phyllo) and Beef Bourguignonne with Egg Noodles.  Seriously.  The simpler of the meals he requested was homemade tacos and homemade beef BBQ. 

I think I have gained four pounds in the last week.  Did I forget to mention the homemade apple pie? Yes I did.  I made from scratch apple pie and pie crust on Sunday.  That pie was awesome.  And the crust was fabulous.  I also used the Cricut Cake machine to cut extra pie dough to decorate the top of the pie. The apples were from A Child's Year and the flourish is from French Manor.

Ian goes back to Atlanta on Friday and I think Doug, Bethany and I will going on a diet starting Saturday!  I will be making a round trip to Atlanta and back in one day, so there will be no crafting on Friday either.   But this weekend THERE WILL BE CRAFTING!! 

I have three projects planned for the weekend.  My next two BBTB2 projects as well as my fall Yudu napkins. 

I will be back tomorrow to select a winner of the Custom Crops gift voucher/blog candy.  Sorry to be so worthless in the craft world this week.  I will improve....

Father Serra, Capistrano, OCPAC, Seal Beach, etc

On this day in 1776, after an aborted first attempt a year earlier, Father Junipero Serra received permission to establish Mission San Juan Capistrano. The statue of Serra shown above is over the entrance of to Mission San Buenaventura, in Ventura, California. Is it just me, or does this look like the work of the WPA?
On this day in 1986, the Orange County Performing Arts Center formally opened with a peformance by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
Seal Beach will celebrate it's 95th birthday in October with a series of special events. Check out their Founders Day website for more information.
The thread in the comments section of my Monday post is still going strong. Click over and read/contribute if you haven't already.

Babyliss Portofino 6600 Giveaway

Ladies! It's time for yet another awesome giveaway right here on The Anti Hair Slave... up for grabs this week is a BaByliss Pro Portofino 6600 Nano Titanium Blow Dryer. Remember? The blow dryer I loved so much, with the Italian AC Motor, Ionic & Nano technology, and 6 heat settings? Yup, that's the one!
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UPDATE:: Kimberly you are the winner! You've been emailed :-) congrats

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