Zamenjala sem layout bloga. Vam je všeč?
Čudovito sliko sem si izposodila na tej strani. Posnel pa jo je Justin Grant.

I replaced the blog layout. Do you like it?
Wonderful picture I borrowed at this page. It's by Justin Grant.

Sunday coffee

Joj, aladinke so res res udoben kos. Sploh te bombažne... Najboljša izbira za nedeljsko kavico :)

Gee, harem pants are really really comfortable piece. In particular, this cotton ... Best choice for a Sunday coffee:)

adidas shirt, zara blazer, newyorker harem pants, calzedonia socks

in flowers

No, predstavljam vam moje novo krilo iz trgovine c&a. Čisto sem navdušena, tako da sem ga morala še isti dan obleči. Taka sem :D

Zunaj je tako mraz, da sploh ne vem kaj naj oblečem. Še včeraj sem okoli skakala v kratkih hlačah, danes je pa 12 stopinj :S To ni normalno..

This is my new skirt from the store C & A. Of course I have to immediately put him on the same day when I bought it, like any new clothes that I buy .

Temperatures are so low that I do not know what to wear.

Yesterday, I still jump around in shorts, but today is 12 degrees . :S

this is not normal.

asos little bag, vintage jeans jacket, h&m cardigian, c&a skirt

jezna sem...

... odšla sem namreč zadnjič v življenju v šoping s sestro. Po dveh urah iskanja hlač za telovadbo mi je namreč povedala, da bo rajši "jutri prišla z mami". waaa - jaz pa sem lepo žrtvovala dve uri, namesto da bi se učila za četrtkov izpit.. poden :S

Sebi sem kupila športne harem pants, rožnato nabrano krilo in debelo pisano leseno zapestnico. Pokažem, ko bom imela čas :)

vintage jeans jakna, only majica, pas in torbica accessories, hlače veromoda, čevlji vagabond


Oh ta h&m... Ko že misliš, da imaš vse kar rabiš, vedno znova pridejo v trgovine stvari ki jih "nujno" potrebuješ..
Jakna in bluza sta čudoviti. <3

Btw, uspelo mi je narediti francosko manikiro, vendar na mojih nohtih ne izpade lepo.. Zavidam vsem vam, ki imate nohte z veliko površino.. :D
No, vsaj malo sem spravila k sebi obnohtno kožico, pa tudi Mavalina zelena tekočinica ( s formaldehidom), mi jih je malo ojačala.Tisti, ki me poznate verjetno veste, da imam najmehkejše nohte na svetu in da se moja obnohtna kožica rada zatrga že samo če iščem ključe v torbici..

~News~ Lotte calendar June+ Fantasy Star magazine+ Stand By You[PV]+JJ getting a new tattoo+Funny moments

Hey there sweeties!
Lelis is back in the house haha...^^
I just wanna share a very looooooooooong post about something that Kity haven't posted lately.(no offence Kity :P )
Shall we?
I mean about our lovely,sweet TVXQ!
So,let's get started!
Prepare your hearts and your sanity as well hehe :)

~Lotte calendar June~

~Tohoshinki Fantasy Star magazine April’09 issue~

[PV] Tohoshinki - Stand By You (Drama Version)

9095 @ Sapporo (way too hot)

I just love this song.By myself I think that somehow reflects JaeJoong's personality.
Only he could compose this kind of song. ^^

~The Most Wanted Artists To Be Invited to University Festival~
The Most Wanted Artists To Be Invited to University Festival
May is a period where there are a lot of university festivals held in Korea. Thus, (the largest music site in Korea) held a poll on May 21st to know list of artists whom the students most want to be invited at their festivals.

1. SNSD “even if they’re only sitting still, SoShi will be still a big show!”

2. TVXQ “TVXQ has been active in international activities. Currently TVXQ is advancing a live tour in Japan until early in July and it’s expected that the tour will be sold out.”

3. Super Junior Occupied by a group of 13 members. Super Junior’s songs “Sorry, Sorry” and “It’s You” also gained good responses in bugs site as it’s placed at 5th on charts. SM Entertainment’s groups are sweeping 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, showing its scary power in music industry.

4. Big Bang
Big Bang whose rating rose in a short time. Netizens said, “It’s an opportunity for Big Bang. Recently they’re popular as a group and not idol.”

5. Kim Hyeon-joong SS501

6. Wonder Girls

Bigeastation 113 - How do you say this in Korean?

Our Jae Jae getting a new tattoo?

You can see it on his lower back.

With artists from Tatist.


Lastly,I want to share some funny videos of them.
I seriously cracked up while watching them...

DBSK Funny & Dorky moments Compilation

JAEJOONG - AIRPORT MAJOR CLUMSY CUTE FAIL (so Cute he Fell DOWN and was lauging)

Changmin Does Bruce Lee

Junsu...Who's There?

H.B. Public Library, Mendez v. Westminster, etc.

Today's image is Huntington Beach's old Carnegie library, built in in 1913. Sadly, it was torn down long ago.
The Huntington Beach Public Library (HBPL) will celebrate 100 years of service to the community at a Open House Gala on , June 12, 4-7pm, at the Central Library, 7111 Talbert Ave. "Festivities include, giveaways, and historical library artifacts on display—also some surprise visitors from 1909! Cake and ice cream will be served, as well as authentic saltwater taffy from the era."
On June 19 at the Huntington Beach Central Library, Rev. Mark Whitlock of Christ Our Redeemer Church in Irvine will lead a discussion "by African American leaders [about] their experiences in Orange County." One hopes that some of the speakers have been around O.C. long enough to provide historical perspective. Program begins at 7pm.
On June 25, 7pm, the Huntington Beach Art Center, 538 Main St., will host documentary film maker Sandra Robbie, who will discuss "Desegregation of the Westminster School District" and show her film on the same topic. Education issues pertaining to H.B.'s current hispanic residents will also be discussed.

Catching up

I have nothing important to say about today's image. It's just a really nice circa 1920 crate label for "Cowboy Brand" citrus from the Tustin Hills Citrus Association. Enjoy.
I finally got around to reading the last few weeks of the Register and found some items I probably should have passed along already. So here they are, in no particular order:
Tustin News columnist Juanita Lovret received the Frances Logan Spirit of Old Town award from the Tustin Preservation Conservancy.
There was a retrospective of the Tustin Area Historical Society’s last home tour.
Juaneno elder Marguerite Julia Lobo of San Juan Capistrano was laid to rest.
A mall blog waxed nostalgic about early South Coast Plaza.
Someone named Deborah Perez claimed that her stepfather, Guy Ward Hendrickson (formerly of Orange County), was the notorious Zodiac Killer. But recently other folks have commented that Perez previously also claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of J.F.K. (I’m just glad the “Black Dahlia” case hasn’t been dragged into this,… yet.)
This Saturday, the O.C. Mexican American Historical Society will hold a Barrio History Symposium at Golden West College in Huntington Beach.
The Vintage Postcard & Paper Show will be back in Glendale all this weekend. I'm not sure yet if I'll be there on Sunday or not. There are lots of good local historical images to be found on those postcards.
I will definitely be at the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society's shindig this Saturday, so say hello if you see me there.

Huntington Beach, El Toro, Scout Jamboree, etc.

Summer's almost here, and it's time to head to the beach! The 1957 L.A. Examiner photo, above, reminds us why what's now Bolsa Chica State Beach was once called Tin Can Beach (or sometimes Beer Can Beach) by almost everyone. At that time, as much as 30 tons of cans, bottles, and other refuse were left on this stretch of sand each year. Today, it often ranks as one of Southern California's cleanest beaches.
Longtime Newport Beach resident Mary Kramer Kryder has loaned a handful of 1953 Boy Scout Jamboree artifacts to the Old Courthouse Museum for their current exhibit: “Past Tents: The Way We Camped.” (Show ends June 5.) She describes her memories of the event:
“The bridge onto Balboa Island just below PCH was where many Scouts came. At this time, I lived on Balboa Island and was intrigued with the Jamboree, having been a Brownie, Girl Scout and Mariner. I decided to visit the camp. I baked cookies and took them to the Scouts in exchange for their Boy Scout badges . . .”
Heritage Hill Historical Park will hold their annual Rancho Days Fiesta, June 6, 11am-3pm. The park is located at 25151 Serrano Rd. in “Lake Forest.” Children’s activities include piñatas, rope tricks, making arrowheads, dipping candles, grinding corn, and churning and tasting homemade ice cream and butter.
Demonstrations and performances will include “traditional Native American music, Ballet Folklorico de San Juan Capistrano and a Native American hoop dancer. Listen to lively mariachi music, and the songs of Old California and early Mexico.” Weavers and blacksmiths will demonstrate their trades. There will also be an Acjachemen invocation ceremony. Docents in period attire will offer tours of the park's historical buildings.


Evo, pa je zašito. Netov ni bilo.. vendar še vedno razmišljam, da bi jih nekje dobila in dala sem pa tja po pasu.

Btw, prej sem pozabila pokazati, kako lepa je šele ta torbica od znotraj :DD

naramnica -> pas

Torej, še sedaj (po dveh dnevih) sem malo navdušena nad svojo genialno idejo :D
Kupila sem si namreč torbico, zraven pa sem dobila tisto naramnico, ki jo lahko pripneš zraven, da jo potem nosiš čez ramo (fuj!). No in sem malo ustvarjala, ter iz te naramnice naredila matching pas. :)
1) odrezala sem višek traku...
2) ga prilepila :) - vem ja višja znanost :DD
Ker vem, da to sekundno lepilo (btw. imam ga po vseh prstih :SS ), ne bo delovalo sem se že zmenila, da mi bo ena prišila vse skupaj, ker ima doma en močnejši šivalni stroj.
Razmišljala sem tudi, da bi pripela z neti, ter jih dodala še malo po pasu - sem pa tja, za okras, vendar ne vem, kje se jih kupi. Ali ti jih mogoče čevljar lahko da notri? Koliko pa to stane?
PERFECT!! :)))

Torbica je pa iz @accessories, tam namreč delam. No in sem jo že dva tedna gledala, potem pa je en dan prišla punca, ki je rekla prijateljici, da jo bo jutri kupila.. Seveda sem jo takoj, ko je odšla, dala pod rezervacije (mwahahah :D ) in jo čez par dni po tehtnem razmisleku kupila :DD

Dr. Sammy Lee

Today's photo shows U.S. Olympic divers Sammy Lee and Vicki Manolo Draves at the London Olympic Games in August 1948. Dr. Lee won a gold medal that year, and again in 1952 at Helsinki. But much of Orange County knows him as the man who taught them how to swim. Lee's swim school was a fixture in Anaheim for many years, beginning in the 1950s. Today, he received the 11th star on the Anaheim/OC Walk of Stars, in front of Disneyland. Click here to read more about it in the Register.

Baby Shower Cuts - File Added to the Blog Cut Files

The cut file for the cute baby shower set has been added to my blog. Thanks for those who were interested.

Christmas Cards in May

Back in January I set a goal to create six Christmas cards each month so that by the December I would have plenty of Christmas cards all done and hopefully much less stress the first week of December. I stumbled a bit in April and did not make all six of my cards. But today I hopped back in the game and made my six May Christmas cards (with 6 days to go)!!! If I can make four more card over the next few days, I will be back on schedule.

Sadly right in the middle of my card project my Wizard started acting up. I am hopeful that Mr. Doug can get it working for me again later tonight as I LOVE my nesties!


Joooj, kakšno dobro darilo mi je fant kupil. <3
Toaster, ki na kruh odtisne napis: I love you :D
Naj še povem, da obožujem toaste in da je tale zadevica super ker imaš res v minuti pogret kruh, ker se zelo hitro segreje (pri navadnem toasterju traja..).
Moram kupiti toast kruhke, da vam pokažem, kako izgleda, ko je odtisnjen napis. Na navadnem kosu kruha ne pride dobro, ker imamo trenutno preozek kruh doma :D

Lieutenant Jacob Egbert McKean

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived."
- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

Today's photo shows Jacob Egbert McKean, 1st Lieutenant R.M.A., Flight Instructor, Army Air Corps, during World War I. I ran across this glass negative several years ago and wanted to know more about the flier, who was only identified as "Egbert McKean." Here's what I found...
Jacob Egbert McKean was born Oct. 7, 1888 in Crestline, Ohio. In 1892, he, his siblings, and his parents, Jacob M. & Marlie E. McKean, came to Santa Ana. He had three older siblings, John Ross, Marlie F. and Rae; and two younger siblings, Helen and Robert. Their father sold real estate and the McKeans soon became a well known family in the community.
Egbert played baseball and football at Santa Ana High School, from which he graduated in 1908. The Aerial yearbook described him as “the hardest player on the team, when in shape.”
Upon graduating, he briefly worked as a meter reader for the electric company before following his brother Ross into the U.S. Navy. Seaman Egbert McKean was a musician and eventually earned the rank of Bandmaster. When his four-year hitch was up, he became an insurance adjuster for Aetna Life Insurance in San Francisco.
But when his country called, Egbert enlisted again – This time in the Army Air Corps. He enlisted in May 1917 and was called into service in late June. His service card shows that he had blue eyes and brown hair, was of average height, and had a stout build.
He completed his preliminary course in aviation at Berkeley Ground School, at the University of California, in Aug. 1917. From there, he was sent to Rockwell Field Flying School in San Diego. He graduated with honors in November and was made flight instructor.
Airplanes were still relatively new technology and were largely made of cloth and wire. Just going up in one was an act of courage. Going up with new pilots and teaching them the manuevers they'd need in combat was brave in the extreme.
In January 1918, McKean was assigned to Gerstner Field, (seen in a 1918 photo below,) near Holmwood, Louisiana.
Less than a month later, on Feb. 11, 1918, (during Gerstner’s last days of operation), Lieut. McKean was flying with Lieut. Charles E. Cummings when their engine experienced a problem. They attempted to land in Jennings, Louisiana, but the plane suddenly dropped head first. Cummings, it seems, survived the crash, but McKean was killed.
The L.A. Times said his death, “brought to Santa Ana a distinct shock, for his is the first violent death among Santa Ana’s many sons who are in the war service.”
Although he never went to Europe or saw combat, McKean served his country bravely, trained military pilots in both California and Louisiana, and paid the ultimate price in the name of defending democracy.

Doris Walker, SAHPS, The Great Depression, etc.

Here's a cool MCAS Tustin item we found in an Orange antique store yesterday. Personally, I think the $85 price tag is ridiculously high, but if you're interested, pay a visit to Space 98 in the Orange Circle Antique Mall on S. Glassell. Also, another dealer in their basement has some good local history books at more reasonable prices.
The Dana Point Historical Society (DPHS) will honor journalist and historian Doris I. Walker at this year's Founder's Day celebration, May 27, 6pm, at the Dana Point Community House, 24642 San Juan Ave. Doris has written many books about the history of south Orange County, including her best known, Home Port for Romance, and her most recent, Images of America: Dana Point. She has also written countless articles, and writes a monthly column, "Once Upon This Coast,"for the Dana Point Times. She helped found the DPHS and has been a Orange County Historical Commissioner for many years. Yes, there are other historians in South O.C., but very few put in the kind of consistant work and dedication that Doris has. This award is very well-deserved. DPHS members, guests and the public are invited to this event, and refreshments will be served.
The Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society's (SAHPS) annual membership event will be held Sat., May 30, 2-5pm, at the Howe Waffle House Museum, 120 W. Civic Center Dr. Historian Phil Brigandi will give a talk on The Great Depression In Orange County, and Hally Soboleske of the City of Santa Ana Planning Division will be awarded the SAHPS Preservation Award. The theme for this year's event is "Brother Can You Spare A Dime?," and everyone is encouraged to "wear your best 1930s-style hat." A private photo collection of Hollywood stars of the 1920s and '30s will be on display. Tickets are $15 per person and includes refreshments at SAHPS's "soup kitchen."

Baby Shower Embellies

I spent part of the day creating embellishments for a diaper cake and a matching baby shower card. The women I work with are hosting a baby shower for a co-worker's daughter. A few of us have gone in together to create a multi-layer diaper cake complete with lots of accessories.

I thought the cake could use a few New Arrival cuts to finish it off. I made "It's a Boy" for the top of the cake, along with four other shapes for added embellies. I mounted the cuts on white florist wire so that we just have to insert then into the diapers.

I also made a matching card... and was able to use my new LONG RECTANGLES nesties. The card was also made using the New Arrival cartridge. So ... now that I am ahead for the week, I can relax for the rest of the weekend!!!

Laguna Woods, Balboa, Capistrano, etc.

Today's photo hails from 1974 and shows the Leisure World Community Gardens in what is now Laguna Woods. Notice that the hills beyond the golf course are still unblemished by construction.
I'm sharing this photo because of its source rather than its scintillating subject matter. I found it -- along with a stack of similar 8x10s and a bunch of news clippings about early Leisure World activities -- in a cardboard box at a particularly ratty stall at the Goldenwest College Swap Meet. I bought the whole bunch for $1 and donated it to the Orange County Archives. Just goes to show that you can find worthwhile local historical documents almost anywhere.
The City of Newport Beach is in talks with a developer to sell the Balboa Market building (on E. Balboa Blvd and Washington St), which will likely become a parking lot. The art deco building originally opened as a Safeway in 1938. Call it one more nail in the coffin for Balboa's charm and historical fabric.
The Seal Beach Historical Society finished spiffing up their Red Car Museum and will have a grand reopening shin-dig on June 13, noon to 3pm. The museum is also open the second and 4th Sat. and Sun. of every month, during the same hours.
Ever think about joining (or learning more about) the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society? Then you might want to attend their "June Mixer," on June 11, from 5pm until dark, at the O'Neil Museum, 31831 Los Rios St. You must, however, RSVP for this event, or they won't have enough food and drinks for everyone. RSVP to (949) 493-8444. The historic, newly-restored, Arley Forster Leck House will be open for tours during this event.
Now that GeoCities is defunct, Daralee Ota is moving her Olive Through The Ages website to a new address:


The random counter says the winner of Regina's Cutting Cafe's cute, cute Flip Flop file is number 23, Michelle (Dizzie Noodle). Michelle I will pass your information along to Regina who will contact you.

Thank you to everyone who joined the blog hop and left messages. This was so fun; I look forward to our next blog hop!

New Nephew

I have a new nephew.... Well technically he is a great-nephew, and technically he is my husband's great nephew. But his dad, Chris, was the first baby born after I joined the Edwards family so he is MY nephew too.

Chris and his wife Trish welcomed baby Joel to their family last week. I have to say that Joel has the coolest nursery I have ever heard of... He has baby ninjas decorating his nursery. How great is that?

Anyway, last night I went to Target to shop Chris and Trish's baby registry. I found some fun and practical items for Joel which I will be shipping today. Included with his bounty of gifts (I did get a BIT carried away), will be this card. Chris and Trish truly consider Joel to be a blessing, so they should like the card. Also, they used blue and green together throughout the nursery.